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Leadership Case Study

According to Andrew Gilman, president, and chief executive officer of the communications consulting firm COMM Core Consulting Group in Washington, D.C., "Leadership programs are only as strong as the program and the applicant." Of course, there are some great corporate programs, but a lot of big businesses have decided against investing in employee development.

The importance of leadership is felt on both a theoretical and practical level. In order to explain how and why particular people become leaders, leadership theories place considerable emphasis on leadership actions and abilities.  

Knowing leadership "theory," a follower, subordinate, employee, or another individual will have a better knowledge of what is happening and why it is happening, as well as some insight into how to react, respond, and interact with that person in the most successful way.

Regardless of title, leadership skills can be cultivated at any level. They are advantageous traits to possess since a capable leader can encourage cooperation among team members and bring out the best in them.

Leadership Case Study: List
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